Change Date and Time in a Citrix Session

To answer How to change Date and Time in a Citrix Session requires proper assessment of the business requirements. Changing the Date and Time may be required for a single application, all applications published from a Delivery Group, all desktops in a Delivery Group, or a set of users.

Change Date and Time in a Citrix Session

Multiple methods are available to change the date and time in a Citrix Session. I will encourage you to try one and if that fails, implement the next method.

Method 1

Apply “Use local time of client” Citrix Policy and filter it with a user group or a Delivery Group. Using this policy is a two-step process. First, you need to apply this policy with value set to “Use Client Time Zone” and then configure “Allow Time zone Redirection” setting in a GPO. It is important to understand that if the type of the VDA is Desktop OS then there is no need to do any of this because by default Desktop OS type of VDA uses Client Time zone. The default setting of a Server OS type of VDA is “Use Server Time Zone” that is why you have to change the default behavior using this method.

  1. Go to Policies in Studio and edit (or create) an existing (or a new) policy.
  2. Select “Use Local Time of Client” setting and change the value to “Use Client Time Zone”
  3. Click on OK, click on next, modify filters or click on next, click on Finish.
  4. Open GPMC.msc and edit a GPO that applies to users or computers in concern.
  5. Go to User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows components/Remote Desktop Services/Remote Desktop Session Host/Device and Resource Redirection and enable Allow time zone redirection
    • Alternatively, fifth step can be accomplished by creating a registry key that you can push through Group Policy Preference (GPP)
How to change Date and Time in a Citrix Session - Registry Edit

Conclusion – By applying Use Local time of client setting through Citrix Policy and Allow time zone redirection through GPO we are able to redirect users’ local time zone to their Citrix Sessions.

Method 2

Create a batch file with following code. Here we are setting the culture to en-GB (English – United Kingdom) with the help of PowerShell and then opening Excel.exe. Culture is known as a locale for unmanaged code development. For Germany, you can write de-DE and for USA, you can write en-US.

@echo off
Powershell -Command Set-Culture -CultureInfo en-gb
cd C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16
start “” “EXCEL.exe”

Set the path to the batch file in “Path to the executable file”

How to change Date and Time in a Citrix Session - Publish Application

Conclusion – By using Method 2 we are able to change Date and Time per application.

Method 3

In most of the cases, Method 1 and Method 2 should serve the purpose, however, there may be some situation where you want to change the time and date in a Citrix session for a particular set of users on certain computer objects. You can accomplish that with the help of Group Policy Preference and Security filtering.

  1. Create a new GPO and link it to the OU that contains Citrix VDAs (Citrix Application Server or Citrix XenApp Servers or Citrix Virtual Apps Servers)
  2. Ensure that you have enabled Loopback Processing in any other GPO linked to this OU. If not, you can enable Loopback Processing in this GPO. This is important because the setting we are going to configure in Step 3 is a user setting and we are linking the GPO to the Computer OU.
  3. Go to User Configuration/Preferences/Control Panel Settings/Regional Options.
  4. Right Click, select New and then Regional Options.
  5. Go to Time tab. Do not change anything here.
How To Change Date And Time In A Citrix Session - New Regional Option

  1. Go to Date tab.
How To Change Date And Time In A Citrix Session - Date tab
  1. Our aim is to change the short and long date format to dd/MM/yyyy and dd/MMMM/yyyy respectively. If you cannot find the desired format in the drop down then you can simply type it.
How to change Date and Time in a Citrix Session - Date Format UK
  1. Press F5. If you do not press F5, changes will not take effect. After refreshing the changes made to the Date Format, the red dotted line will turn Green.
How to change Date and Time in a Citrix Session - Date Format Refresh
  1. Click on Apply and OK.
  2. Go to the Scope of the GPO. Under Security Filtering, add user groups and the Computer Objects to which you want this policy to apply.

Conclusion – With the help of Method 3, we are able to change the Date and Time for a particular set of users and certain computer objects.

Method 4

Dennis Span has written a great article or the same topic. I would encourage you to visit this page and have a look at TimeZoneInformation registry key tweak and the usage of TzUtil.exe.

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