Publishing Applications from Individual Servers in XenApp 7.x

Back in XenApp 6.5, publishing applications from Individual or a specific servers in Citrix XenApp was not a big deal but Citrix discontinued that along with other options in XenApp 7.x (7.0 – 7.11). In XenApp 7.12, Citrix resurrected that option but not exactly similar to 6.5. You might have been using Tags to create Power management schedules, restricting desktop launches to certain machines within a Delivery group or to filter Citrix Policies based on tags attached to Virtual Machines. Now you can leverage tags to force applications to open only from tagged machines within a Delivery Group with the […]

Print Server Migration to Microsoft Azure

Migration of Print Server or Citrix Universal Print Server to a public cloud like Microsoft Azure is no different from the migration of print queues between two on-premises print servers within or across DataCenters. A public cloud offering like Microsoft Azure allows you to either migrate the print server from on-premises to an Azure region with the help of ASR (Azure Site Recovery) or export-import of print queues from an on-premises print server to a print server VM in Azure. ASR should be your first choice, as it will migrate the whole VM from on-premises to Azure. All you have […]